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Integration courses - state funded

  • Learn German effectively
  • Qualified and experienced teachers
  • Free places available
  • Locations in Berlin and Mainz

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Integration courses in Berlin and Mainz

For foreign fellow citizens, a quick integration into German society is very important. Whether to communicate with the locals or to settle into German culture and society - a German integration course prepares you for life in Germany. In addition to learning the basics of the German language, you will also learn interesting facts about everyday life in Germany.

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Why take an integration course at iQ?

  • State support

    The BAMF-funded integration courses are free of charge or only require a small co-payment.

  • In Berlin or Mainz

    iQ's integration courses are offered in Berlin and Mainz.

  • Icon: Bei iQ unterrichten qualifizierte Lehrkräfte mit langjähriger Erfahrung

    Competent lecturers

    The integration courses are taught by qualified instructors in a practical and individualized manner.

  • Entry possible at any time

    You can start your integration course at any time and become integrated quickly.

  • Course material included

    You will receive the required course material from us at the start of your integration course.

General integration course - German as a foreign language

  • Prerequisite: existing official approval or obligation to participate in the German integration course.
  • Free of charge or with small co-payment, depending on type of permit
  • Appointments for entry tests before the course starts at any time by arrangement
  • Basic and advanced language course "German as a foreign language" as well as orientation course "Living in Germany" in full or part time

Integration course with literacy - German as a foreign language

In addition to the content of the integration course, learning to read and write is the goal of this offer (full-time).

iQ locations for integration courses

  • iQ Berlin-Pankow

    Ms. Hübner
    Breite Straße 8
    13187 Berlin-Pankow
    Phone: 030-20 00 75 34

  • iQ Berlin-Spandau

    Frau Müller
    Moritzstraße 24
    13597 Berlin-Spandau
    Phone: 030-20 00 75 71

  • iQ Berlin-Tempelhof

    Ms. Sturm
    Tempelhofer Damm 226
    12099 Berlin-Tempelhof
    Phone: 030-20 00 72 11

  • iQ Mainz

    Ms. Krause, Ms. Lotz
    Ludwigsstraße 9
    55116 Mainz
    Phone: 06131-32 78 013

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Integration course - the first step into German society

"Learning for life" - with further education from iQ, this is no longer an empty phrase! Because in our numerous language courses you can continue your education effectively and intensively, no matter what level of knowledge you start with. A wide range of courses is available nationwide. Visit our courses for further education in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese or Dutch. Above all, German as a foreign language and integration courses are available for you to choose from. For companies, we also offer customized company training for employees and trainees.

Integration course German in combination with literacy

We also offer an integration course in combination with literacy. In this way, people who are not familiar with the Latin script also learn to read and write during their integration course. The duration of the integration course depends on the chosen framework. Participation in the course is possible on a full-time or part-time basis. Since this is a B1 integration course, participants are also qualified to take the corresponding telc examination after attending.

Integration Course Modules and Costs for the Integration Course

Our integration course is recognized and funded by the BAMF. The regular integration course is free of charge under certain conditions, otherwise it is only associated with very low costs. Further information on the integration course and the certificate of eligibility can be obtained from the BAMF (Federal Office for Migration and Refugees).

Integration Course Certificate: The First Step to Citizenship

Our tip: The certification of the integration course also simplifies the naturalization process, because those who can prove successful participation in an integration course have the opportunity to apply for citizenship after only seven years of legal residence in Germany. Feel free to contact us for a personal consultation on funding, on the requirements for participation in an IQ integration course and, of course, on how to register at your IQ location in Berlin and Mainz. Lay the foundation today to become part of German society and face life in Germany without any problems - thanks to an integration course. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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