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Online language courses
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  • Virtual live lessons for all levels (A1-C2)
  • From 4,50 € per unit
  • Entry possible at any time

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Learn flexibly anywhere with online language courses

You want to learn a new language, but your time is short or you want to avoid long journeys? At iQ Lingua you can learn many modern languages online - from the comfort of your sofa, during your holiday trip or even while you are away on business. Our virtual language training is designed around you: Take lessons when it suits you, or learn in a group several times a week with lots of interaction and fun. Our online courses cover levels A1 to C2.

The variety of languages at iQ Lingua is great: Here you will find courses in modern foreign languages such as English, Spanish or French as well as in less common languages and in German. We also offer online language courses for companies and targeted exam preparation. Our experienced teachers are trained to promote your language skills in the best possible way, even in live lessons.

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Preise bei iQ Lingua

This is what our online language courses cost

We believe that mastering foreign languages should not be a privilege. That's why we also offer you flexibility when it comes to costs. At iQ, you can learn from as little as €4.50 per teaching unit, depending on the offer - in an online intensive course. Focus on your new language for four weeks and enjoy rapid progress in the group.

  • Individual and Duo Course

    Learn alone or in pairs and benefit from being looked after 100% according to your wishes.

    • from 21,15 € per unit
    • from 169 € per month
    • max. 2 participants
    • flexible start
  • Most booked

    Group course

    In a small group there is plenty of time for your questions - with exciting interaction and lots of variety.

    • from 12,40 € per unit
    • from 99 € per month
    • max. 12 participants
    • flexible start
  • Online Intensive Course

    Learn intensively for eight weeks and master half a language level - the fast track to your goal.

    • 4,45 € per unit
    • 289 € per month
    • max. 12 participants
    • flexible start

Learn languages online - your advantages with iQ Lingua

  • Flexible learning

    Learn from home or on the move - simply by smartphone, tablet or laptop. All you need is internet access. 

  • Icon: Profitieren Sie von den Vorteilen eines Sprachkurses bei iQ Lingua

    Languages from A1 to C2

    At iQ, beginners and advanced learners up to almost native-speaker level. 

  • Transparent prices

    You only pay for what you actually book and always have an overview. There are no hidden costs.

  • Varied groups

    Meet new people who share your interest in a language - our groups are often international.

  • For everyday life and work

    Individual lessons for everyday life, company training or targeted exam preparation: at iQ we have the right course for you.

  • Start learning immediately

    You don't have to wait long for the next course. In most cases, you can start immediately after registering.

  • Icon: Profitieren Sie von passgenauen Sprachkursen von iQ Lingua

    Modern learning

    Our teachers use modern methods to ensure that you make rapid progress in your language.

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Learn languages online - it's that easy

Learn a new language easily and comfortably from home - this is possible thanks to our online courses!

When you register for an online language course, you go through the following steps:

  • Registration via a link
  • System check
  • Welcome by the lecturer
  • Start of online live lessons

Inform about online course

A1 - C2

Do you know your language level?

You can communicate using simple sentences and understand simple conversations on familiar topics.

You understand simple sentences and words dealing with things of everyday life (e.g. shopping, family, work) and can reproduce the most important information from them.

Write coherent texts on familiar topics and can participate in conversations about personal interests.

They engage in more intensive conversations and can summarize complex statements or information in their own words.

You follow longer specific conversations and can express your opinion in a structured and detailed way.

You understand everything you read or hear and can express yourself spontaneously, fluently and precisely.

Over 200 experienced teachers

Everyone is gifted in different ways - but as you probably remember from school, the development of language skills always depends on the teachers. At iQ Lingua you will only meet experienced teachers who have worked intensively with the foreign language in question, for example in linguistics, as translators or because they have previous teaching experience from school. They are also trained to make the most of the advantages of online learning. 

Reading and writing, speaking and understanding are the four important components of all foreign languages. Our teachers promote these four components in a targeted way, but with varied methods and taking into account all types of learners. This ensures that you have fun in the group and make good progress in your learning. Get to know some of our teachers here:

  • Bild: Carsten Lehnert - Sprachdozent an den Sprachschulen von iQ Lingua
  • Bild: Erika Escher Jacob - Sprachdozentin an den Sprachschulen von iQ Lingua
  • Bild: Etienne Förster - Sprachdozent an den Sprachschulen von iQ Lingua
  • Bild: N'Tchombitche Seidou - Sprachdozent an den Sprachschulen von iQ Lingua
  • Bild: Klaus Schürmann - Sprachdozent an den Sprachschulen von iQ Lingua
  • Bild: Maria de la Maza - Sprachdozentin an den Sprachschulen von iQ Lingua
  • Bild: Magdalena Hopfner - Sprachdozentin an den Sprachschulen von iQ Lingua
  • Bild: Mariska Naude - Sprachdozentin an den Sprachschulen von iQ Lingua
  • Bild: Lilia Kosova - Sprachdozentin an den Sprachschulen von iQ Lingua
  • Bild: Ana Goldberg - Sprachdozentin an den Sprachschulen von iQ Lingua

Start flexibly - online language courses make it possible

You have booked a language course and now have to wait weeks for it to start? That won't happen to you at iQ Lingua. Only our intensive courses are scheduled on a monthly basis. You can join the ongoing group courses at any time, so there are no waiting times. Our language advisor will conduct a placement test with you and the teacher will also support you in this process. 

You can learn even more flexibly in individual lessons: simply arrange the appropriate times individually with your teacher. This way you can also plan exam preparation, adapt the courses to your working hours or take evening courses. We will be happy to make you suitable offers.

Call now: 0800 - 589 24 23

Learn languages online - no matter where you are

The great advantage of online language courses: you don't even have to leave your house to participate. The only thing you need is an internet-enabled device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) and a stable internet connection. Simply log in at the agreed time and learn your new language from the comfort of your sofa - or wherever you happen to be. 

Another bonus: This also eliminates travel times. You save time and money and also learn at a particularly low price with our online language courses.


Frequently asked questions about iQ Lingua's online courses

The labels A1 to C2 are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. They describe how well someone has already mastered a language. If you are learning a language for the first time, you start at A1 level. Here you learn the absolute basics of the language. Advanced learners start at B-level, and at C-level you approach the language competence of native speakers. 

All course materials are already included in the online language course. You only need the technical requirements to log in to the learning platform: an internet-enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop and, of course, a stable internet connection. This way you can easily learn on the go without having to carry heavy materials with you. 

You can study with iQ Lingua for as long as you like. The group courses take place continuously, so you can join at any time. You simply arrange individual and duo appointments directly with your teacher. The online intensive courses are each designed for four weeks, although you are of course welcome to take further courses. 

In the online intensive course, you will reach an average of half a language level per course. The group courses are less intensive - here you can book flexible durations from 1 to 12 months and thus save on course fees. You can arrange individual appointments directly, so you can study as intensively or as relaxed as you like. 

Our language advisory service will help you choose the right language course when you register. To help you find the right teacher and the right course, we will conduct a placement test with you. You will then be assigned to a course or teacher with whom you can expect to make the most rapid progress. This also applies to the ongoing group courses: You will get started quickly and find your way around easily. 

At iQ Lingua you have the opportunity to take the telc examination for foreign languages and prepare for it in a targeted manner. You can also take other exams with our help, including the TOEFL test for English and recognised exams for German. Prove your language skills, for example, to expand your career opportunities. Our free language advisory service will provide you with more information at any time.

We prepare you optimally for these certificates:

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