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C German courses for advanced learners

  • C1 and C2 language courses in German

  • Entry possible at any time

  • Individual, group or intensive courses, also available online

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German at C1 and C2 level: How advanced learners learn at iQ

Mastering another language besides your mother tongue opens many doors, both in your private life and professionally. You are already well on your way with your German skills - and iQ Lingua's German courses at C1 and C2 level will help you to communicate even better. Our free language advisory service will conduct a placement test with you to assign you to the appropriate C-level German course. 

Whether online from home or on-site at an iQ Lingua language school in your place of residence - our experienced teachers will motivate you to quickly and solidly expand your existing knowledge. Learn to communicate effortlessly in German, to understand even longer complex texts and to react spontaneously. Courses in Business German specifically for the workplace are also available. 

At iQ, advanced learners can learn German at C1 and C2 level in a flexible way: book our individual or duo courses if you want particularly intensive support, or perhaps even make new friends in a group course with a maximum of 12 participants. The topics and exercises are always adapted to the learning level of the group, and of course people of similar language levels learn together. In the intensive course, advanced learners can improve their German particularly quickly. Would you like to prepare for an exam or learn at specific times? Ask us for an individual offer!

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How much do the C1 and C2 German courses at iQ cost?

At iQ you will find German courses for advanced learners for all budgets. The most affordable option is our intensive German courses - here, one lesson costs only a few euros. For many learners, the group course is just right. You can take both online and face-to-face courses. The most exclusive way to learn German is in a one-to-one or duo course, in which you receive absolutely individual tuition. How do you find learning German at C-Level easiest?

  • Individual and Duo Course

    Talk a lot and choose your favourite topics: Alone or in pairs, you learn with full focus.

    • from 21,15 € per unit
    • from 169 € per month
    • max. 2 participants
    • flexible start
  • Most popular

    Group course

    Reach the next level in the shortest possible time: Learn German intensively for four weeks in this course format.

    • from 12,40 € per unit
    • from 99 € per month
    • max. 12 participants
    • flexible start
  • Intensive Course

    Learn German (C1 - C2) quickly in just 8 weeks and reach the next language level in the shortest possible time.

    • Online: 4,40 € per unit
    • Presence: from 5,95 € per unit
    • from 280,25 € per month
    • max. 12 participants
    • flexible start

Book German courses directly online!

From now on you can book all group and intensive courses easily and at any time in the online shop. 

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These are the advantages of your German course at iQ Lingua

  • Focus on your knowledge

    Our experienced instructors will pick up on what you already know and thus specifically deepen your German language skills to C level.

  • Icon: Erzielen Sie schnelle Lernerfolge mit Ihrem Sprachkurs von iQ Lingua

    Individual learning pace

    Learn in a group that matches your learning level. The exercises are adapted to your learning speed. 

  • Icon: Profitieren Sie von den Vorteilen eines Sprachkurses bei iQ Lingua

    Holistic learning

    Speak more fluently, read difficult texts or understand fast conversations - your German course covers all aspects.

  • Learn where you are

    If you don't attend a language school on site, simply use your laptop or smartphone for our online German courses at C level.

  • Join at any time

    At iQ, you can join the right course immediately after registering - without long waiting times. 

  • No hidden costs

    All prices are transparent and course materials are included in the price of our C1 and C2 German courses.

  • Icon: Bei iQ unterrichten qualifizierte Lehrkräfte mit langjähriger Erfahrung

    Preparation for exams

    Do you need a language certificate? iQ certifies your participation or prepares you for an external exam.

What you learn in our C1 and C2 German courses

Have you already mastered the basics of the German language? Then attend our courses for advanced learners. Here you can expand your knowledge comprehensively: Train yourself to express yourself spontaneously and fluently in conversations, to read difficult texts and to master German grammar. In addition, you will continuously expand your vocabulary so that you can always find your way around socially, professionally, in training and at university.

Expand basics

  • learn useful idioms
  • reading and understanding difficult texts
  • intensive study of grammar

Learn more about our German C1 and C2 courses.

Mastering everyday life

  • express opinions precisely
  • understand and use colloquialisms
  • understand longer articles and reports from newspapers

Learn more about C1 - C2 German courses

Getting by in work and study

  • Expand subject-specific vocabulary

  • Learn business German

  • Prepare specifically for exams

Learn more about C1 - C2 German courses

Do you have any questions about our language courses?

Call us free of charge or write to us using the contact form: We are happy to answer all your questions, suggestions and requests!

Call now: 0800 - 589 24 23

Customer experience

What others think about our language school

Fair prices and teachers who respond to the individual level of the learners: Read here what others say about iQ's German courses:

  • I have successfully passed my B2 exam and would like to say a big thank you to our teacher. His teaching methods and efforts helped me a lot.

    (Альона З., Mainz)

  • 5 stars for Leo!

    (Onny A., Darmstadt)

  • I've been attending IQ Lingua since October 2022. I review this school very highly. My teacher is Etienne Förster. He is very professional and competent. Great school with competent teachers. This gives me a strong motivation to learn German and after the course I come home with work ambition and in a good mood. This gives me a great desire to learn German and develop further. I would like to thank all the teachers. I can only recommend IQ Lingua.

    (Таня И., Berlin)

  • I got my B1 certificate and my B2 certificate at this school. Very good teachers and friendly staff in the office. I was very satisfied with everything.

    (Алина К., Mainz)

  • They have the best comfortable classrooms. And the teachers have patience and time for the students. I love this place!

    (Gudeon A., Hamburg)

  • I was there for the Telc German B1 exam and have nothing but positive things to say. Very nice contact, everything was super organised and great value for money.

    (Lilyana G., Hanau)

  • The course was well structured and helped me to take my German to the next level. The teacher was extremely supportive, co-operative and had a wealth of knowledge. I always felt comfortable asking questions and always received helpful explanations. Overall, an excellent experience that I can recommend to anyone who wants to learn German.

    (Vijaya K., Frankfurt)

  • Highly recommended, super professional 👏 👏

    (Erica da C., Stuttgart)

  • All the staff members and teacher are so kind and nice😊😊I have learned alot and it helped me alot!😊😊

    (Changmin Y., Mainz)

  • I can only say very good things about this German course! The headmistress was very friendly and very supportive. The teacher was also very friendly and always ready to help. I learnt German so well in three months that I managed to graduate.

    (Pascal M., Hanau)

  • Wonderful language learning experience! The teachers are active and professional. Overall a really good experience!

    (Shubham A., Stuttgart)

  • Mrs Azifi was very friendly and patient. I was able to improve my German without fear of making mistakes. Helped me with questions and pronunciation. I love the German course!

    (Fatima H., Frankfurt)

  • A very well run organisation, great motivated teachers.

    (Stefan M., Darmstadt)

  • Very friendly and inclusive language school.

    (Rui A., Frankfurt)

  • I needed a German course and found this company on the Internet. I really liked the counsellor. She was able to explain everything in Russian. I liked the course and signed up. Here you are offered individual training in German. I am very grateful to the company and advise you to go there.

    (爪arina Ẅ., Munich)

  • I have learnt a lot in the last 4 months at your centre. My special thanks go to the German teacher Axel Künkel for his approach and commitment.

    (Merveilles, Hanau)

  • I did a German course here and learnt a lot. The teachers and the office were always nice, friendly and helpful. I am very happy with the language school. Super team!

    (Resul, Gelsenkirchen)

  • I have completed a course here and am very satisfied. I would like to do my next B2 course here too.

    (Süeda O., Gelsenkirchen)

  • I am very happy that I chose IQ Lingua. My teacher George really helps me make progress in every lesson so that I can achieve my goals. Thank you very much!

    (Giuseppe L., Hamburg)

  • I have completed a course here and am very satisfied. I would like to do my next B2 course here too.

    (Діана М., Berlin)

  • I had a German course at IQ Lingua and it was a really nice experience with them because I learnt very quickly. All in all, it's a nice place to learn.

    (Trabi H., Stuttgart)

  • Everyone is very friendly! Almost no waiting time to get into a group course. The trainer is very knowledgeable and the groups are small which makes learning so much easier, worth the price for that alone!

    (Simetra L., Munich)

  • It was very great. A small group with very friendly teachers. I can recommend it to others.

    (Franklin O., Hamburg)

  • The school has the best teachers like teacher Aljofi, teacher Tina, And we were very happy and interactive in the impressive way of teaching that leads us to excellence and success, a wonderful school in the true sense of the word, management and teaching are able to take your hand to progress and success, 🌹 🌹 thank you all 💐

    (Ayman S., Berlin)

  • I am very satisfied with this language school. The people are super nice and polite. The teacher (Georg) was mega!

    (Eduardo T., Hamburg)

  • I studied the C1 language course at this school. I was very satisfied. The lessons were very interesting, everyone was involved in the process as our teacher Etienne organised fruitful and lively lessons thanks to his creative approaches.

    (Daria F., Berlin)

  • Perfect way to teach 👌👌

    (Ermin U., Stuttgart)

  • I took the B2 course with Etienne last year. I was very satisfied with the lessons and passed my exam. Now I am taking the C1 course and I am very happy that my teacher is Etienne again.

    (Alena M., Berlin)

  • One of the best places to trust for a professional education in German. An extremely intelligent team, as I said, professionals and wonderful people. I am glad I went to you.

    (Julian B., Berlin)

  • I did one-to-one coaching at iQ and I was very satisfied with it. The teacher Karolina was very nice, competent and committed. She chose the topics I needed. We focused directly on my weaknesses and had good conversations. So I really enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend the iQ German course.

    (Cinthia C., Stuttgart, German course)

  • I attended German courses at iQ for 3-4 months. I think it's a very cool place to learn German. Very friendly staff and a cosy environment. Perfect for learning. I recommend it, especially if you live near the old town of Spandau.

    (Ahmed E., Berlin, German course)

  • I have been in the iQ language school for one and a half months. Progress is already noticeable, I am satisfied with the result and will continue to learn German. I like the cosy atmosphere, lots of practical exercises, we communicate with the teacher about different topics. I recommend this language school to anyone who wants to learn German.

    (Ekaterina P., Stuttgart, German course)

  • Everyone is very nice, the teachers have a lot of experience and communicate the information in a simple way.

    (Anwer K., Berlin)

  • I have been attending the German course at iQ for 4 months now. The teachers at the school make a lot of effort to convey the learning material well. All the necessary learning materials are available free of charge. It is fun to attend the school. The interaction between the teachers and the students is on an equal footing. Overall, I can only recommend iQ.

    (Sima V., Frankfurt, German course)

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Over 200 qualified language teachers

At iQ, only instructors who have three things going for them: language training, teaching experience and a great deal of sensitivity for the learners. In our team, you will find teachers or translators, for example, as well as students of teaching or linguistics. They are trained to teach both online and offline and to cater to different types of learners. 

Those who want to learn German for advanced learners need a special kind of teaching. On the one hand, existing knowledge must be recognised, and on the other hand, the teacher must carefully build on it. In our group courses you will always learn with people who have similar previous knowledge to you. In this way, you can make fast progress together. See some of our teachers here:

  • Bild: Carsten Lehnert - Sprachdozent an den Sprachschulen von iQ Lingua
  • Bild: Erika Escher Jacob - Sprachdozentin an den Sprachschulen von iQ Lingua
  • Bild: Etienne Förster - Sprachdozent an den Sprachschulen von iQ Lingua
  • Bild: N'Tchombitche Seidou - Sprachdozent an den Sprachschulen von iQ Lingua
  • Bild: Klaus Schürmann - Sprachdozent an den Sprachschulen von iQ Lingua
  • Bild: Maria de la Maza - Sprachdozentin an den Sprachschulen von iQ Lingua
  • Bild: Magdalena Hopfner - Sprachdozentin an den Sprachschulen von iQ Lingua
  • Bild: Mariska Naude - Sprachdozentin an den Sprachschulen von iQ Lingua
  • Bild: Lilia Kosova - Sprachdozentin an den Sprachschulen von iQ Lingua
  • Bild: Ana Goldberg - Sprachdozentin an den Sprachschulen von iQ Lingua

Register today - start your flexible C1 or C2 German course soon

At iQ you don't have to wait long to start your C1 or C2 German course for advanced learners. Immediately after registering, you simply join a suitable course that is already running. Thanks to our free language advisory service, you can find out which C-level German course suits you best. Our teachers are experienced in making it easy for you to get started and integrating you immediately into the group (if you are learning in a group course).

Call now: 0800 - 589 24 23

Our locations: Learn German for advanced learners here or online

Do you prefer to learn directly on site together with other people? Then find out here at which locations in Germany iQ offers suitable C1 or C2 German courses. Do you live too far away or would you simply like to learn from the comfort of your own home? You can also take almost all iQ courses online. Contact our free language advisory service to find out more.

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Learn German online - it's that easy

Learn German easily and comfortably from home - this is possible with our online courses!

When you register for your online German course, you will go through the following steps:

  • Fill out contact form
  • Wait for a callback
  • Get individual advice
  • Choose a suitable German course

Inform about online German course


Frequently asked questions about our German courses for advanced learners

At iQ you are guaranteed to find the right German course: learn in an individual or duo course, attend an entertaining group course with up to 12 participants or make particularly fast progress in an intensive course. With a lot of practical relevance and thanks to the comprehensible teaching material, you will reach your desired level (C1 or C2) in the shortest possible time.

You can get the cheapest lesson unit at iQ in the online intensive course for only 4.60 €. More exclusive are our individually supervised single and duo courses, and a good choice for a medium budget are the group courses with a maximum of 12 participants. All courses include the course material.

You don't have to wait long after your registration to start your advanced course. The free language advisory service will assign you to the appropriate course after a placement test. In the group courses, you can start at any time. In the individual or duo courses, we arrange the dates individually with you. If you have chosen the intensive course at C1 or C2 level, you can look forward to monthly starting dates.

Choose between different durations: 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. In the intensive course, you can usually reach half the language level in just four weeks and thus make very fast progress.

We prepare you optimally for these certificates:

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