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Literacy course from iQ

Being able to read and write is the basic prerequisite for coping with everyday life without any problems: Everywhere there is important and knowledgeable information that we can only correctly assign through quick reading and comprehension.

iQ's literacy courses are aimed at people of German and non-German origin who finally want to learn to read and write in a sound manner.

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Why take a literacy course at iQ?

  • State support

    The BAMF-funded literacy courses are free of charge or subject to a small co-payment.

  • In Berlin or Mainz

    iQ's literacy courses are offered in Berlin and Mainz.

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    Competent lecturers

    The literacy courses are taught by qualified instructors in a practical and individualized manner.

  • Entry possible at any time

    You can start your literacy course at any time and become integrated quickly.

  • Course material included

    You will receive the required course material from us at the start of your alphabetization course.

All literacy courses at a glance

An adult literacy course from iQ helps you to read and write correctly. Our specially trained language and reading trainers work on your reading and spelling difficulties in a targeted and sensitive manner.

In addition, we offer special literacy courses for citizens of non-German origin.

Literacy course for beginners of German origin

This literacy course is the ideal choice for anyone who has spoken German from an early age and now wants to be able to read and write it. Here you will practice listening to and recognizing spoken sounds and transferring them into writing. Through hands-on exercises, you will develop awareness of unstressed syllables and practice the unfamiliar movements of writing.

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Literacy course for advanced learners of German language of origin

This course is for anyone who has learned to read and write but has not used it for some time. Even graduates of the beginner course will refine their skills here by learning to read and write longer, compound words. Plus, you'll dive a little deeper into literacy and basic spelling.

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Literacy course for beginners of non-German language of origin

In this German literacy course, beginners who have grown up with a different language or script learn the written German language step by step. The course plan includes correct pronunciation, the Latin alphabet, and initial writing exercises. This will provide you with a solid foundation for participation in more advanced literacy courses.

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Literacy course for advanced learners of non-German language of origin

If you have already mastered the basics of written German, you can further refine your knowledge in this literacy course. You will learn to better understand the peculiarities of the German language, for example, by practicing the automatic subdivision of longer words. In addition, we will work together to eliminate minor deficiencies in pronunciation and grammar.

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Customer experience

What makes our literacy courses special

Fast learning success, experienced instructors, individual customer care and the personal learning atmosphere - find out how satisfied our customers are with their literacy course at iQ!

  • I did one-to-one coaching at iQ and I was very satisfied with it. The teacher Karolina was very nice, competent and committed. She chose the topics I needed. We focused directly on my weaknesses and had good conversations. So I really enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend the iQ German course.

    (Cinthia C., Stuttgart, German course)

  • I attended German courses at iQ for 3-4 months. I think it's a very cool place to learn German. Very friendly staff and a cosy environment. Perfect for learning. I recommend it, especially if you live near the old town of Spandau.

    (Ahmed E., Berlin, German course)

  • I have been in the iQ language school for one and a half months. Progress is already noticeable, I am satisfied with the result and will continue to learn German. I like the cosy atmosphere, lots of practical exercises, we communicate with the teacher about different topics. I recommend this language school to anyone who wants to learn German.

    (Ekaterina P., Stuttgart, German course)

  • I have been attending the German course at iQ for 4 months now. The teachers at the school make a lot of effort to convey the learning material well. All the necessary learning materials are available free of charge. It is fun to attend the school. The interaction between the teachers and the students is on an equal footing. Overall, I can only recommend iQ.

    (Sima V., Frankfurt, German course)

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Over 200 qualified language instructors

We work with qualified and certified language teachers. See for yourself!

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