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The HSK (Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì) is a globally recognized Chinese certificate that proves the level of language proficiency. In China, the HSK is even the state-recognized certificate and is a requirement for studying in the Chinese Republic.

To achieve the best possible results in your HSK exam, iQ Lingua offers you comprehensive HSK preparation.

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Our HSK preparation offers you the perfect preparation for your HSK exam: Qualified and experienced instructors quickly impart the required knowledge of the Chinese language and writing and cater to your individual needs.

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Contents of the HSK exam at language levels 1-6

The exam can be taken in six different levels depending on the language ability, here the level of difficulty is increased from the basic level (1-2) through the intermediate level (3-4) to the advanced level (5-6). In the HSK exam 1, simple sentences should be understood and can be used by the student. HSK exam 2 includes typical, HSK exam 3 familiar everyday situations, e.g. from the areas of shopping or family. Speaking Chinese fluently in various conversations and discussions is a prerequisite for language level 4. In HSK exam 5, you should also be able to read and understand Chinese articles. The highest level, HSK exam 6, requires participants to be able to express themselves very spontaneously and fluently, which is equivalent to native speaker levels.

Perfectly prepared for the HSK exam - naturally with iQ Lingua

To ensure that your HSK exam is a complete success, iQ Lingua offers you a certificate course for intensive preparation. Here, our experienced instructors place particular emphasis on addressing your individual learning level so that you can start the HSK exam perfectly prepared. Our courses are always held in small groups: Thus, we guarantee you a pleasant learning atmosphere. The course materials for preparing for the HSK exam are included.

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