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Expanding international language competence in the company - with individual company language courses from iQ

With 20 offices and over 2,300 employees worldwide, SolarWinds has established itself as the market leader in network management. For the internationally active U.S. company, the exchange in English is crucial for the successful implementation of further cross-location projects.

The initial situation

The goal of SolarWinds is to sustainably improve the English and German language skills at the Berlin location. Since the employees:inside come from different countries (Albania, Romania, Greece, Serbia and India), in addition to the basics of the German language, job-specific German skills are to be taught in order to be able to communicate in a more goal-oriented and economical manner in everyday working life.

"It is important for our Berlin employees to understand and speak German and English well in order to be able to communicate with their international colleagues."

- Birgit Rich, Senior Management Assistant at SolarWinds

Since the English and German language courses are to take place on-site at the Berlin location, Solarwinds needs an individual and promising concept - this is what SolarWinds received from IQ.

The measure of iQ

The language skills of the more than 40 SolarWinds employees were individually assessed according to the Common European Framework of Reference (A1 - C2) before the start of the language training.

Based on the language assessment, the employees were divided into small groups in order to do justice to their individual level of knowledge and to be able to guarantee personal support from our experienced instructors.

"Thanks to the excellent instructors and their approach to the learning process, employees were able to optimize their language skills in a short period of time."

- Birgit Rich, Senior Management Assistant at SolarWinds

Flexible scheduling with SolarWinds is always organized via the personal contact person at iQ and adapted as best as possible to the given framework conditions. In the meantime, the language courses could also be taken as online courses.

The result

With the individual language courses from iQ, SolarWinds has been offering its employees a company training measure for over a year in order to simplify cooperation across locations.

During the ongoing language courses, some employees have already been able to develop to language level C1 and thus express themselves competently and confidently in professional situations.

"The collaboration with iQ has proven to be excellent and purposeful: The employees can now communicate with their international colleagues and the work results are implemented as desired."

- Birgit Rich, Senior Management Assistant at SolarWinds

With iQ, SolarWinds employees always effectively and easily learn a new language or further develop their language skills for their job.

Thus, SolarWinds can imagine a continued cooperation with iQ, because the employees from the language trainings are still interested in taking further language courses at iQ.

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