Bild des kostenlosen Online-Deutschbuches B2 von iQ Lingua

Free online German book B2

Our online German learning book for level B2 teaches you how to deal with challenging texts and digital media.

Structure of the online German book B2

In this book you will specifically deepen your knowledge of grammar and learn in eight extensive chapters, in addition to content on literature and its eras, the working techniques in dealing with these topics. You will also learn how to write a job application and how to make the perfect impression at a job interview. Another chapter is dedicated to digital media with interesting facts about satire, parody and TV shows.


German exercises online & free

At the end of this book, additional exercises are available in a final test to check your learning success. The solutions to all 115 exercises in this book can be found in the appendix for your own checking.


You would like to take a German course at iQ?

In addition to free language training with our learning book (available here soon), we also offer interesting German courses where you can further improve your German skills.

All courses take place at one of our iQ locations or in interactive online live lessons locations.

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