Eine Lerngruppe lernt erfolgreich Englisch mit iQ Lingua für eine TOEFL-Prüfung

TOEFL Certificate Courses in Frankfurt

  • Intensive TOEFL exam preparation
  • Qualified and experienced instructors
  • Course material included

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Optimal TOEFL preparation for the certificate exam in Frankfurt

The standardized, globally recognized TOEFL language test can serve as proof of your language skills when studying or working abroad. At iQ in Frankfurt, we prepare you specifically for the TOEFL exam in a preparatory course.

Since our English courses in Frankfurt teach the necessary language basics, this can serve as preparation for a TOEFL exam.

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Preise bei iQ Lingua

Prices of English courses in Frankfurt you should take before your TOEFL test

  • Most booked

    Group course

    Take a group English course in Frankfurt to prepare for a TOEFL test in a comfortable learning environment.

    • from 12,40 € per lesson
    • from 99 € per month
    • max. 12 participants
    • flexible start
  • Individual course

    Acquire the necessary knowledge for a TOEFL test in Frankfurt in a one-to-one course - completely individually and privately.

    • from 29,90 € per lesson
    • from 239 € per month
    • 1 participant
    • flexible start
  • Duo course

    Attend an English course for two with a partner of your choice and be optimally prepared for the TOEFL test in Frankfurt.

    • from 21,15 € per lesson
    • from 169 € per month
    • 2 participants
    • flexible start

Why take an English course for TOEFL preparation at iQ in Frankfurt?

  • Icon: Bei iQ unterrichten qualifizierte Lehrkräfte mit langjähriger Erfahrung

    Competent lecturers

    The TOEFL courses in Frankfurt are taught by qualified instructors in a practical and individualized way.

  • Entry possible at any time

    You can start your TOEFL certificate course in Frankfurt at any time and stay flexible with your schedule.

  • Small learning groups

    With a maximum of 12 participants, we guarantee personal attention in a pleasant learning atmosphere.

  • Course material included

    You will receive the required course material at the start of your TOEFL course in Frankfurt from us.

The TOEFL courses in Frankfurt at iQ

TOEFL Preparation in Frankfurt

For many English-speaking employers and universities, the "Test of English as a Foreign Language" - TOEFL for short - is often a requirement for the job or admission. We can highly recommend our English course as preparation for this test.

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The TOEFL test procedure in Frankfurt

The TOEFL exam consists of four test areas: fluency, written expression, and reading and listening comprehension. In our TOEFL preparation as part of the English courses, we also focus intensively on grammar, as it is assessed in all four examination areas.

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Individual TOEFL preparation with English courses in Frankfurt at iQ

Our competent teachers support your individual needs in order to prepare you as effectively as possible for the test.

The four important areas of the TOEFL exam are taught by our teachers as part of the English courses. You will refresh your existing knowledge and be able to recall it quickly in various test situations. You will be much more confident when taking the TOEFL.

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Are you considering starting your TOEFL preparation together with iQ in Frankfurt?

Make a personal consultation appointment now and see our TOEFL certificate courses for yourself!

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Over 200 qualified language instructors

We work with qualified and certified language teachers. See for yourself!

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Our iQ language school in the heart of Frankfurt

You will find our iQ location in Frankfurt on the 1st floor of the building Schweizer Straße 21 - centrally located on the "Boulevard der Begehrlichkeiten". Here you can effortlessly combine your language course with your errands, an exciting stroll through the city or a leisurely break in one of the many cafés.

Bild: Barbara Mehrl - Ihre Ansprechpartnerin an der Sprachschule iQ Lingua Frankfurt
Barbara Mehrl

Your contact person
iQ Lingua Frankfurt

We are at your disposal for all questions, suggestions and requests.
You can reach us here:

Mon. - Fr. 9.00 a.m. - 7.30 p.m.

Opening hours may vary. Please make an appointment.

069 - 2475 2958

iQ Lingua Frankfurt
Schweizer Straße 21
60594 Frankfurt

Directions with Google

Transport connections
You can reach us by public transport via the Schweizer Platz stops (U1, U2, U3, U8) or Schweizer-/Gartenstraße (tram 15, 16).

Parking facilities
Unfortunately, there are hardly any parking facilities near our iQ location, so we recommend travelling by underground or tram.

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