Bild des kostenlosen Online-Deutschbuches A2 von iQ Lingua

Free online German book A2

While learning with our online German learning book for level A2, you will specifically deepen your basic knowledge of the German language.

Structure of the Online German Book A2

In addition to other important content on spelling, punctuation and grammar, you will learn how to deal with narrative and descriptive texts, among other things, in a total of 12 chapters. While working with this book, you will learn what to pay attention to when dictating and how to find arguments to express your own opinion. You will also deal with formal factual reports, as well as romantic poems and other text genres.


German exercises online & free

In the 13th chapter, you can review everything you have learned for yourself in the final test with exercises for all chapters. In the appendix of the book you will find all solutions to check your results for the 111 exercises from all chapters.


You would like to take a German course at iQ?

In addition to free language training with our learning book (available here soon), we also offer interesting German courses where you can further improve your German skills.

All courses take place at one of our iQ locations or in interactive online live lessons locations.

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